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We will be holding a get together at the club on the evening of Friday 9th February for anyone who might be interested in participating in the proposed 2024 KI Armada.

For members who might not be aware, the Armada is an annual cruise in company, mainly of PASC members, which started around 20 years ago with a group of like-minded cruisers.

Unfortunately, last year’s Armada didn’t eventuate for various reasons, but over the last couple of months there has been a bit of interest around the club, to run the Armada again.

Those members who have shown their interest so far, have stated that sometime in March would be the go, with the first two weeks sounding like the favourable option (late notice I know).

So please come along to the club next Friday to have a chat & find out more about the annual Armada. The meeting will happen after the Friday night dinner at the club.

If you would like to book for dinner, please contact Barbara: 0432 405 424 by Thursday 8th February.

Nathan Bennett – PASC Cruising coordinator

0427 702 181